BaseHead 5.x Public BETA

The first BaseHead 5.x Public Beta is here for the masses to play with now!
Almost 3 years of work went into this version!
This BETA is Windows only version right now.  The Mac version will come in a few months.
Below are a sample of a few tasty new features to play with.

Are there bugs?  Of course there are!!  hahaha  but it's more the polished enough to use daily.

If you find a bug, submit a Support Ticket so we can squash it!


New Panels

  • Quick Access Panel: for Solo/Muting and access to frequently toggled options

  • Process Panel: PitchFX Axis

  • Master Metadata Chunk Window.

  • Metadata Viewer Window

  • Burn in Metadata Window

  • Import/Export Text Window that will import text files even "rival" ones ;-)


WAVEFORM Additions

  • New Hi Resolution Waveform Drawing Engine with new format and time display.

  • Draws all the channels of Split files now .

  • Markers can be clicked, dragged and reset with your mouse now.

  • “Auto Gain Waveform” option.

  • (SHIFT+MouseWheel) Waveform Zooming

  • Faster channel extraction now

  • Shows  Start/End/Length  of current selection.

  • CUE Markers from Wavelab, SoundForge etc. are now displayed

  • Green Trigger Marker


Audio Improvements

  • Choose between FILM, SMPTE and DTS channel orders.

  • Channel Offset option that works with VST's also now.

  • Stereo and Mono DownMix buttons

  • Transfer and Playback Quality can be set Independently now.

  • Auto Toggle  M/S Decoder option.

  • Split LCR, Quad, 5.0  and 5.1 Playback.



  • A ton of UX refinements and bug fixes.

  • Free Online CloudPacks.  Retail ones coming in 5.1

  • HTTP Playback

  • Even more flexible licensing to be announced including subscriptions!

  • VST: Improved Scanner, New Picker with Filter Search  and Preset system.

  • REAPER Hardwired Target App support added.

  • 16 ‘Group’ colors now that are all user definable

  • Multiple PeekTree Widths S, M and Large




Some of the many new Options

  • "User Definable" Spot with Handles

  • “Reference File when Possible” option makes it’s return!

  • Retains Dimmed Records till you clear them now

  • Spell Correct ON/OFF for the search boxes

  • Details Panel: Auto-Complete option now available for these cells.

  • Can link bottom two Browse Arrows/Search boxes along with many more search refinements


Some of the many new Actions

  • Process Page: File Reversing Function

  • Database Menu: Remove ‘Offline Media’

  • Database Menu:  Create ‘Import’ from Database

  • Can quickly create 'Groups' now from Details Panel values.

  • Libraries: “Remove ‘Offline Media’ from Library”