Introducing the NEW BaseHead Database Server!

Our latest project is the BaseHead database server.
Ever wanted for all BaseHead users to share and edit the same database without file locking issues?
or what about being able to import new files and rename existing files at the same time?  
Now you can! 
Up to 10,000 concurrent connections are possible all with user permissions.


Here's some of what the server version will allow you to do now:

  • Centralized multiple database hosting and sharing of SQLite databases with no more database locking issues.
  • Everyone can rename and tag and add files to the Database that is updated instantly to the others using the same DB.
  • Set User Permissions.  Great to lock out those interns from doing damage...8)
  • Backup and Restore Features of the database with scheduling and Restore Points.
  • Also, previously you couldn't put a Mac SQLite DB on a network volume cuz it was painfully slow.  
    This fixes that and many other issues......8)

Databases Screenshot

Users Screenshot

Privileges Screenshot

Schedules Screenshot


Requirements (Client)
BaseHead PC 3.5 or higher
BaseHead Mac 3.0 or higher

OSes Supported for the Server software:
Windows XP/VISTA/7/8
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
Linux kernel 2.6.2 or higher

If we buy the server do we still need BaseHead clients?
Yes, the BaseHead Server is just a small program that runs on your server that shares centralized databases to the BaseHead clients.

Do we really need the server?
It all depends whether in your facility if you have one person in charge of adding files to the database and editing descriptions or allowing multiple people to do this,
If everyone is allowed then the server is needed or if only some people are then you might also want it to set permissions to lock out certain functions from interns so they don't do much damage...8)
If only one person is allowed to add and edit then the answer is NO you don't really need it.

How many connections will we need??
We suggest getting 10-20% more connections then you have BaseHead clients.
Connection are not the same as clients.  Each client needs one connection to hold the database constantly and if a user is adding files to the database or renaming descriptions and searching all at once from one client then more then one connection is being used from this client.
Think of a connection as a single operation being done.
Also, if the administrator is logged onto the server making changes this also uses a connection. 
So if you have 10 users in your facility we'd recommend getting the next level of 20 connection.
If you have 7 clients  then you should be fine with 10 connections.

What version of BaseHead connect to the BaseHead Server
version 3.x and version 4.x Ultra only at this time.

Current Pricing: (Does not include clients of BaseHead)
Up to 5 concurrent connections $699
Up to 10 concurrent connections $899
Up to 20 concurrent connections $1,199
Unlimited connections: $1,499