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BaseHead PC   4.2.73
BaseHead PC European Language Add-On Pack for 4.x
(Allows case insensitive searches for Euro characters like äåéöñ)

NEW!! version BaseHead PC 5.x BETA available to play with now!  
Read all about how to get it today on

BaseHead Mac  4.2.146 - (OSX 10.9-10.12) NEW!
BaseHead Mac  4.2.100 - (OSX 10.8)  (will auto-update to the latest)
BaseHead Mac  4.2.88 - (OSX 10.6-10.7)

Previous BaseHead 4.x and 3.x Installers
(need and older version? click this link)


Injector PC  2.5.51  NEW!

Injector Mac 2.5.0 - (OSX 10.8 or higher)
Injector Mac 2.4.0 - (OSX 10.6-10.7)

Injector Tabs (most current Tab files)