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BaseHead PC version 5.x 5.0.95

BaseHead Mac  4.2.160 - (macOS 10.9-10.13)
BaseHead Mac  4.2.100 - (macOS 10.8)  (auto-updates to latest)
BaseHead Mac  4.2.88  - (macOS 10.6-10.7)

BaseHead 4.x and 3.x Installers (PC and Mac)
(need and older version? click this above link)


Injector PC

Injector Mac 2.5.0 - (macOS 10.8 or higher)
Injector Mac 2.4.0 - (macOS 10.6-10.7)

Injector Tabs (most current Tab files)



Rehab PC 2.9.5


License Request - PC Version
License Request - Mac Version 

(helper tool used for all License Requests once a license is purchased)