Having issues with BaseHead??
We are so sorry to hear about that, but bugs happen unfortunately....8(

If BaseHead is not launching or you are having a problems try first searching our Knowledge Base. 
90% of problems can be fixes with a simple pref wipe or with the tips on this Support Page or FAQ page for your platform.
Many operation answers can be found in the Online Manual or videos.
Think you have a Codemeter issue?  Go thru this Checklist

If you can't find your solution from the above links, then submit a support ticket.
Instructions on how to submit one with the most useful information possible is in the below link.

NOTE: Please Do NOT submit a bug report for version 3.x or before, unless it's not launching or a major showstopper.
We are only fixing bugs in version 4.x and 5.x from now on.  8)



-BaseHead Support