COMMon iLok2/ILOK3 FREQUENTLY Asked Questions

How do you bind BaseHead to my iLok2 or iLok3?
We make you a custom plugin for the CodeMeter runtime with your iLok's serial number in it after you send us a LicenseRequest.xml . Then we'll send you back a plugin installer or License Activation file to apply to your system.  When BaseHead or Injector launches it will look for this serial number and if it exists, it launches!  It's the same principle as binding to a USB Flash drive or External USB HDD/SSD.


Why don't I see my license I purchased deposited in the iLok Manager?
Mentioned in many places on the website, we BIND to iLok's using USB Device Locking just like we do with all other USB Device and this as a bonus happens to work with iLok2's and iLok3's and we do this without using anything by PACE so it will not show up in the iLok Manger ever and will not mess with other iLok software cuz we just read the serial number of this device like any other USB device you might choose to bind to.


Why can't I use the iLOK Manager like other software?
Do you want to pay an extra $100 for BH?? then sure we can use the iLok manager!  ;-)
We wanted to support iLok but they want crazy money to sign up and crazy money for a yearly charge and us little guys, selling a niche product, would have to raise prices extremely high to survive.
We like to keep prices as low as possible....8)
That is part of the reason my competition is $899 and $999.

Plus, we needed a dongle that worked over a network, which iLok doesn't.  Their Encryption doesn't work with modern coding languages (only C++)...the list goes on.
Also... We can't offer other options like USB Flash Drive and Network Floating for large facilities  easily and we want to offer flexibility.
Not to mention many people flat out refuse to use iLoks and we would be missing out on their business....hehe

So on every new system install:
1. Install BH
2. Install the plugin
3. Save $100 dollars.....Any Question?  haha  ;-)


Will this mess up any other programs using the same iLok2/3?
Nope, we only query the OS for the serial number of the iLok.  It will NOT interfere with it's normal operation in any shape or form.

Can I bind to my older iLok version 1?
Sorry, only version 2 and 3 are supported?

I switched to a new system and BH is not seeing my iLok2/3 now.  What to Do?
we bind to your iLok2/3 via USB Device Locking and NOT the iLok Manager, so for every system you work on follow these steps since we do not write it and only bind to the serial number of it.

1. Install BaseHead or Injector.
2. Install the License Apply plugin package.

What if I loose my iLok, it gets damaged or just want to move my license to another iLok ?
Purchase a License Replacement from the Store and then send us a new LicenseRequest.xml and we can send you a new license(s) and kill off the old one.  The cost is $15 for one platform or $25 for both Mac and PC replacement license.  These things cost us money to write so we have to charge a small fee unfortunately.

How can I move my CmStick license to an iLok2/3 binded License?
We prefer never to do this cuz it's a huge pain and a step backwards.  It is possible, but unless your CmStick is failing we do not condone doing this.
If you still want to move then se
nd us a new LicenseRequest.xml and purchase the $35 CodeMeter Transfer Fee in the STORE from CmStick to iLok.
We have to charge a transfer fee for this cuz CodeMeter charges us to change container types.