Thanks for Installing BaseHead 5.x PC!!

Here's some startup info!
All three versions were just installed including the demo version.

On the desktop are shortcuts for the Demo and Non-Demo versions.

Demo Users:  
By default the demo is the Ultra Edition.  If you want to preview one of the other two version simply just change the drop down box in the top right of the program to the version you want to preview and restart it.
NOTE: if you switch to a Non-Ultra version the 'Libraries' Node will be hidden on the PeekTree and you will need to manually re-show in from the PeekTree setting menu once you switch back to the Ultra Edition.

The Online Manuals can be found HERE with getting started videos!
Email us thru the Contact Form if you have any issues getting going!!  8)

Registered Users:
Make sure you launch the non-demo version.

If you are re-installing and choose the USB Flash driver or iLok Device binding then make sure to run your custom plugin package after the install is complete.

Want something better then ReWire to feed audio into your DAW?
Check out VB-Audio's VoiceMeeter.
Highly recommended for Windows Users and works with 64 bit DAW's.


Having issues?
See this Post how to submit a bug report...


Windows 10 Users!
BaseHead will run fine under Windows 10 already...It's already been fully tested!  8)