This page describes the process of adding the BaseHead License to your Codemeter (CmStick) that you might already own or just purchased and had shipped to you from us or

Any stick purchased direct from us will be pre-loaded with your BaseHead license usually.
First Step: launch the CodeMeter Control Center.  It was pre-installed when you installed BaseHead or Injector and you will find it in you Program Files or Applications folder.
If you just want to download it ala cart, for a server that is hosting the dongle, then grab it HERE.

Before you proceed make sure to UPDATE the FIRMWARE of the CmStick first if you haven't in the last week.
Click the icon that looks like a curved arrow (3rd from the right)

The License Request - PC Version application was just been updated to include creating CmStick Context files also now.  
You can use this instead of following the below steps.  Download it, Launch it and go to the right side of the application.

Just Select your CmStick/Container from the comboBox and click 'Create' and follow the easy onscreen steps to email the Context file to us direct with minmal hassle.

You'll need to do the old school manual steps below until we update the License Request Application/....Sorry...8)



Here we go mac users...

1. The CodeMeter Runtime is now installed with both PC and Mac Installers.   If you installed a NON-Demo version you will find it in your 'Applications' folder.Open it up and it should look the screenshot to the left here.

Click on the "License Update Button" and click NEXT.  The below window will appear.




2. Then Choose "Create License Request"



3. If you have already have a BaseHead Inc. Product on the stick then choose "Extend existing license" and choose the BaseHead Inc. item



 4. If you have never added a BaseHead product then choose the "Add license of new Producer" option " 


5. Then enter "100579' as the FirmCode.


It will create a context file that looks similar to this 2-1376141.WibuCmRaC.
Email this file file to us at with your order number in the subject line and we will send you back the update file that you will drag to the Control Center to apply it.

Done and Done

That wasn't so bad was it ??  ;-)