Licensing Option #2: USB Device Locking for USB Flash Drives, iLok2's or iLok3's  (using the CodeMeter runtime) 
So here is the simple process for locking to any just about any USB Device (including iLoks)

NOTE for iLok Users: iLok binding is done via the CodeMeter Runtime and NOT the iLok Manager, so we don't need your iLok account ID.
We just need a License Request file that includes your iLok's serial number.
(See our iLok FAQ Page if you are confused why we don't support them directly)

Instructions how to create a License Request file:

1. We bind to your USB Flash drive or iLok2/3 device using a custom plugin we made for the CodeMeter Runtime.
This is pre-installed with both PC and Mac full installers now.  

2. Next...We'll need some information about your system and the device you want to lock to first so next download and run the 'License Request'  Application  and decide which of these two  devices you want to lock to.

License Request - PC Version
License Request - Mac Version 
(10.8 or Higher for this type of Authorization currently. Choose System Drive or the CmStick option if you are on 10.6-10.7)

Whichever device you pick, either USB Flash drive or iLok2/3, make sure you only have only ONE of that type plugged in before you click on it's picture to get the correct information.

If you would rather lock to your System hard drive instead of a USB Device, then see this PAGE instead.

3. Then select the License you just ordered from Online Store  and press 'Create' to make a BH-LicenseRequest.xml file on your desktop.
Then email this file to us at and we will send you back a 'License Apply' package that includes your custom plugin and license.   




Then hang tight....Once you receive your 'License Apply' package, just unzip it and walk thru the simple steps to copy your plugin and license to your system.



If successful you will see your license appear in the CodeMeter Control Center in a few seconds!





NOTE: This package will need to be installed on all system you want you use this device with to run any of out applications.
Store it in the cloud somewhere so you have it anywhere you might need to work easily.
If we have to create this package more then three times there will be a charge of $25, but you will get another 3 pack.

FYI: We can move your license over to another device and kill off old ones in the future, but it's a huge pain so make sure you are locking it to a device you plan on having for a while....8)