GDC Sale Y'all!


Ok, so in typical Game Developers Conference fashion there will be a 48 hour-ish flash sale in the BaseHead store coming up to help me pay for all the drinks I  need to consume and buy at the BaseHead Social while up in San Francisco hahaha.  Don’t you want to support liver damage for your follow BaseHeads?? Seems like a good cause doesn’t  it?  ;-)

This year's sale is all about upgrades to 4.x Ultra from either an internal version or from 2.x or 3.x   Some upgrade deals will be as low as 40-50% off in the store for this very limited time period. New licenses have a few bucks knocked off them also, but this in mainly about upgrades this time around.

These offers are ONLY good from the moment I step on a plane to San Francisco till I arrive back still hungover in Hell-A!  Not a minute or second longer.

The sale window will be approximately from 12 noon on Wednesday (tomorrow) to Friday March 3rd at 6pm California time. The sale prices will be displaying in the store between these hours, so get your credit cards out and ready to help support the cause!  Lol!
BTW....Anything purchased in this time frame won't be shipped or delivered until Saturday.



Game Developers Conference


I'll be down at GDC next week teaching all the nerds how to drink and be cool!   haha
and...taking a few meetings cuz I probably should do something else while I'm there beside drink while avoiding the Walking Dead infested through out that city.... ;-)

If you are gonna be up in San Fran Weds thru Friday hit me up for a quick meetup!
Also the annual BaseHead GDC Social is taking place on Thursday between 4 and 6pm when we try to wipe out the bar.  Email to RSVP for that to network and get your drank on with other BaseHeads!



New upcoming 5.x Feature: CloudPacks

Attention SFX Library Manufactures!
yeah I'm talking to you!
Check out the new upcoming 5.x Feature: CloudPacks

We are looking for SFX Library manufactures that want to contribute a CloudPack to be included on the upcoming 'Online' Page to showcase their SFX libraries to the world for the first release of version 5.x (around March for PC and May for Mac)  CloudPacks are a new upcoming feature that will allow HTTP/Cloud streaming of sound effects and music.

We have had this working in the 5.x PC beta for the past 4-6 months now and it's now ready for Prime Time!  Head over to CloudPack page to learn more about this upcoming new feature and how to contribute and be included in the initial release when the hammer drops!
There is also a video on that page to see it all it's glory.
The long term goal of this technology is to never ever have to carry a hard drive again and access your personal library and libraries you've purchased from anywhere with an internet connection.


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BaseHead is now bundled with the PSE Hybrid Library

Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library with BaseHead:
150 Licenses Available at 60% Off for Freelancers until December 31st

This is for anyone looking to pick up so me new tasty sounds with a bundled custom version of BaseHead.  This new version of BaseHead will allow you to plug in the Hybrid Library drive and audition sounds immediately with no need for an install.  Just Launch it, Listen and Drag the files you want to your DAW without the need to import files and zero licensing hassle.

Our partner Pro Sound Effects® is making the new edition of their #1 reviewed general library, Hybrid Library 2017, available to freelancers for over 60% off until Dec. 31st! Designed to be your go-to source of creative fuel, Hybrid Library 2017 offers 63,000+ sound effects (345GB on 1TB drive) with rich metadata, full online access, free annual updates, and a one-year trial of BaseHead.

Only 150 licenses are available for $1495 (reg. $3995) through December 31st, and the application for Freelancer Pricing is free with no purchase commitment. Learn more and apply at

BaseHead users and future users can apply with Partner Priority Code BASEHEAD to secure access to the offer


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