BaseHead PC 5.x (Upgrades) PRE-ORDER

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BaseHead PC 5.x (Upgrades) PRE-ORDER

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Version 5.x is now ready for PRE-ORDER while in the last days of a Public Beta!
Use the Beta and order your upgrade now to save some cash!  8)

Since you are doing and upgrade...
If you are using a CmStick, you will need to email us your Context file from your CodeMeter CmStick so we can upgrade it.  Info on how to create one can be found HERE and choose the "Extend Existing License" option.

Also.....If you prefer to move off your CmStick to a USB Device or local system drive to get one USB port back, we can do that also, but you'll need to purchase the $25 license transfer fee also per license you want to move since we have to pay CodeMeter to move licenses...8)

If you are currently using USB Device Locking with a USB Flash Drive or  iLok, we will send a license that binds to the same exact device.  If you want to to change to another device give us a shout immediately after placing the order.

Also, give us some info on your previous order if you haven't been in contact lately, so we can locate your past order quickly.
For Example:

  • Name or Company purchased originally under

  • Email Address used for previous purchase

  • Order #  etc...

Then email the context file (if using a CmStick) and above info to with your order number in the subject line.

Note: Your previous version will stop working once you upgrade. 
Request a 3.x or 4.x demo extension if you need a transition period!