BaseHead MAC version 5.x Public BETA 

The first BaseHead 5.x Public Beta  is here for macOS users to play with now!
Almost 3 years of work went into this version
Below are a sample of a few tasty new features to play with.

Are there bugs?  Hell Yeah there are!! 
That is the whole point of posting this after all...hahaha  ;-)

We still have some work to do and it's not 100% feature complete yet. 
The Beta Sheet at launch of BaseHead will tell you the areas not fully complete yet.

If you find a bug, submit a Support Ticket so we can squash it quickly!
Put feature requests in the Request Base for future features, wants and ideas.

Things of Importance:

This version only comes in 64bit flavor.  So things like VST's will also need to be x64. SD2 support is officially dead and gone for all 64 bit applications, so start converting them over now to BWAV to make them future proof.  Also, 5.x has a new Database format, so upon selecting your old DB it will upgrade your old DB and save it in the new format leaving your original untouched if you need to go back to version 4.x it will be fine.

macOS 10.8 or higher. 
(BUT 10.8 and 10.9 have some User Interface issues still we are working on still)

So, how do I play with this Public Beta now?
First read about all the wicked cool new feature below.....
Second, join the 5.x Mac Beta Forum and read to top pinned post named START HERE READ ME FIRST! and grab the download from there. It's very important at this point to be apart of this Google+ community so you see all the critical information and when demo extensions are posted so you're not bugging us via email for them....haha

I'm hoping you guys will be dig the new changes and additions we slaved over for the past 3 years!  8)

--Steve Tushar



  • BaseHead 5.x fully 64 bit here and now and today!

  • a ton of UI & UX refinements and bug fixes.

  • CloudPacks: Free Online SFX that stream from the cloud

  • HTTP Playback (for those facilities with security concerns)

  • REAPER Hardwired Target App support added.

  • Nuendo 8 and Cubase 9 Target Support Added.

  • 16 ‘Group’ colors now that are all user definable.

  • Multiple PeekTree Widths now. (Small, Medium and Large)

  • Even more flexible licensing including rentals and  subscriptions!



  • Quick Access Panel for Solo/Muting and access to frequently toggle controls (F2)

  • MetaData Viewer Window (F3)

  • Master Metadata Chunk Window (F4).

  • Process Panel: PitchFX Axis

  • Online Page: With free streamable, royalty free CloudPacks.

  • VST: Improved Scanner, New Picker with Filter Search  and Preset system.

  • Import/Export Text Files  (Even Supports importing a few “rival” companies text files….MMMMmmwwwuuuhahahhaha   8)



  • New Hi Resolution Waveform Drawing Engine with new format and time display.

  • Draws all the channels of Split files now .

  • Markers can be clicked, dragged and reset with your mouse now.

  • “Auto Gain Waveform” option.

  • (SHIFT+MouseWheel) Waveform Zooming

  • Faster channel extraction now

  • Shows  Start/End/Length  of current selection.

  • CUE Markers from Wavelab, SoundForge etc. are now displayed

  • Green Trigger Marker


Audio Engine

  • 64bit VST Plugin support now that BaseHead is x64

  • Choose between FILM, SMPTE and DTS channel orders.

  • Channel Offset option that works with VST's also now.

  • Stereo and Mono DownMix buttons

  • Transfer and Playback Quality can be set Independently now.

  • Auto Toggle  M/S Decoder option.

  • Split LCR, Quad, 5.0  and 5.1 Playback.





  • "User Definable" Spot with Handles

  • “Reference File when Possible” option makes it’s return!

  • Retains Dimmed Records till you clear them now

  • Spell Correct ON/OFF for the search boxes

  • Details Panel: Auto-Complete option now available for these cells.

  • Can link bottom two Browse Arrows/Search boxes along with many more search refinements



  • Process Page: File Reversing Function (Ctrl/Command+R)

  • Database Menu: Remove ‘Offline Media’

  • Database Menu:  Create ‘Import’ from Database

  • Can quickly create 'Groups' now from Details Panel values.

  • Libraries: “Remove ‘Offline Media’ from Library”

  • Too much to list here.....
    Not to mentions it manages to improve your sex life even more now then before!!   ;-)