We have HTTP Streaming/Cloud Playback up and running in the 5.x PC Beta for the last 4-6 months and we are calling on you lovely people to supply some tasty showcase files from your libraries to include with the initial 5.x release to for this new upcoming CloudPack Feature!

The new 'Online' Page

The new 'Online' Page

CloudPacks are a bit like 'Imports', but no files are local and will streaming from the cloud instead.  They will show on the above 'Online'  Page and you can add the ones you like and they will appear on the PeekTree under the Imports section like in the below screenshot.  CloudPacks will have all the functionally as an 'Import' does currently like the ability to focus search inside them or include/exclude them from searches.  The green re-scan button will check online for changes and update your database accordingly.

When you click on a CloudPack file in the Results List the waveform will turn cloud blue, the audio will start streaming immediately at full resolution and you'll see the percent buffered in the bottom right corner. You can do all the normal functions with this file just as if it were local.  You can Tag it or Spot it before it's done downloading and it will execute the command once complete.  You can even multi-select cloud files and transfer them also unlike that other cloud base program  ;-)

 4.x Ultra PC users can test this out today already if they use the current 5.x Beta.  This will be coded for OSX in the next month or so and then mac users can join in on the fun also.

Below is a Video to see it all in action....


The Mission:
Version 5.0 will include this feature out the gate with free CloudPacks while we are perfecting the engine.  
Once all the kinks are ironed out we will release 5.1 with full retail CloudPacks for sale and then we all make some casssh.....  8)

What we want for you:
Sampler Packs of whatever sound effects your can spare to showcase your awesome libraries.  At this point, this is basically just free advertising for your company and you are under no obligation to contribute to the the retail packs when they come online, but any companies that contribute now to this early phase helping us out will get a better percentage of the sales for the retail packs if they decide to sign up when they go live.  You scratch our back and we'll scratch yours!....hehe
A new minimum of 40 files per pack would be great, but the more the merrier and he more you submit the higher to the top of the list you will go on this page...8)
If you are worried about giving your stuff away, then add only a few sounds from collections of multiple recording or shortened versions of your files, so that users will want to seek out the rest of the collection if they dig the free sampler files. 
Feel free to tag in the [comments] field that it's a partial sample of the full file only. 
When the retail packs sales come available in version 5.1, anytime a user clicks on one of your sample files and hasn't bought the pack yet a large 'Buy CloudPack' button will appear alerting the end user it's part of a larger collection that is availble.

Requirements/Recommendations for sound files submitted:

  • Max resolution of 48/24  for now please!

  • Submit only Stereo and Mono files for now also. If the left and right sides are the same please make the file mono to make download speeds faster.

  • Avoid strange characters in the [filename] like the +, # symbols cuz the files are not local.  
    Basically stick to  Alpha-Numeric characters cuz this will cause issues over HTTP:

  • Keep file lengths no more than 2 minutes long if possible for now, so they feel responsive while buffering....8)
  • Make sure to tag your company name in [manufacturer] field and if a personal collection put your name in the [designer] field..
  • Put all audio files in one single folder without any sub-folders please.  Name this folder "CloudPack-Your Company Name (with exact spelling you use) and zip it up.
  • Submit TWO images at least.  BOTH should be transparent and work on a dark background and be in .png format.
      1.  One 200 x 200 image to display in the Details panel every time one of your files is clicked on.

      2.  One transparent  Icon style image that will look good at 64 x 64 for the Online Page.  I'd prefer NO words or logos with         this one if possible since the name is right next to it and too small to read them anyway. Examples for these are below.  This icon can be higher resolution just make sure it looks good at 64 x 64 also...8)  It doesn't have to be round.  
    I'm just trying to avoid square blobs on this page if possible


Icon type style to submit since will only be 64x64 pixels.  

Icon type style to submit since will only be 64x64 pixels.  


Pro Sound Effects, BOOM Library, SoundMorph, The Recordist and Chuck Russom's Sound Effects Monkey already kicked us down some sounds to use. I'm are hoping to get another 10+ manufactures at least on board for the testing phase and before release in March.  Send us an email on the Contact form if you want to contribute.