We have HTTP and Cloud Playback up and running in the 5.x PC Beta and we are thinking of including a BaseHead Users SFX  Library with the 5.x release with the upcoming CloudPack Feature.

CloudPacks are a bit like 'Imports', but will play audio streaming from the cloud instead of locally.  They will show up and you can add the ones you like on the Online Page and they will appear on the PeekTree under the Imports section like in the below screenshot.  CloudPacks will have all the functionally as an 'Import' does currently for the most part.

When you click on a CloudPack file in the Results List the waveform will turn cloud blue, the audio will start almost immediately and you'll see the percent buffered in the button right corner. You can do all the normal functions with this file just as if it were local.  You can tag or spot before it's done downloading and it will execute the command once complete.  You can even multi-select cloud files and transfer them also. 

4.x Ultra PC users can test this out today already if they use the current 5.x Beta.  This will be coded for OSX the next month or so and then mac users can join in on the fun also.

The Mission:
Put together a BadAss Free Library created by BaseHead users and make it a communal type thing. Many SFX producers are supplying free SFX to include for the 5.x release, but I want to also include a massive free BaseHead Users SFX CloudPack also.  So if you want to contribute 10 to 100 to 1000 to whatever custom high quality SFX we'd love to include them and keep adding to this library year after year.  Everyone is running around town with high quality mics nowadays so share some of that creamy goodness to your fellow BaseHeads!  8)

What we want for you:
Anything you recorded that is high quality and edited up nice and clean.  Doesn't have to be perfect, but try and chop out dead air that isn't needed....haha
All sounds submitted will be checked to maintain a certain quality so we might have to skip a few here and there if not up to spec.

Recommendations for sound files submitted:

  • Max resolution of 48/24  for now please.

  • Make sure to tag your name in the [Designer] field so everyone knows who it came from....8)

  • Make sure [descriptions] are NOT IT ALL CAPS and try to add something to the [category] field that fits at bare minimum.

  • Stick to only Stereo and Mono files for now also. If the left and right sides are the same please make the file mono to make download speeds faster.

  • Avoid strange characters in the [filename] like the +, # symbols cuz the files are not local.  Stick to basic  Alpha-Numeric characters cuz this will cause issues over http:

  • Keep file lengths no more than 1 minute long if possible so they feel responsive....8)