This page is for Pre-Sales Questions only.
If you are have a technical issue OR an existing user with an operational question, submit it via the ticket system by clicking the button below.

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Also, please do NOT send a message asking for any type of discount, unless you are a current student and can prove it.
EDU discount requirements are on  the EDU Page.

Payment Plans:
YES, we can do payment plans for people strapped for cash no problem.... 8) 
It's $5 per payment extra. So if choose to break it into 4 payments you pay $20 extra in the long run.

We only sell direct and do NOT give discounts to companies that don't promote our products,
but feel free to use the Online Store to order products for your clients.

So if you still have any Pre-Sales questions, ask them below, but make sure and download and play with the demo for at least a week and watch the Getting Started videos first.
Each full installer on the Downloads Page has a  fully non-restrictive demo version to give it a spin for yourself before asking us any questions   ;-)


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