BaseHead PC Download links

Below are links to full installers of version 5.x for Windows Users.
Registered users, make sure you Maintenance/Support Plan is active before installing this version and that the renewal date is later then the build date. It’s not you’ll need to renewal your Plan or download and use an earlier version of BaseHead.

IMPORTANT!: version 5.1 has a new and improved licensing system for non-CmStick Users. So first, click the button below and read this page fully for info how to get an updated license with an included bonus 3 months Maintenance Plan.


Build Date: December 18th 2018

Build Date: November 18th 2018

Build Date: July 10th 2018

Some of the many changes in 5.1.14 can be found at this link


Need an Older PC Version?

 License Request

License Request

(helper tool used for all License Requests once a license is purchased)
FYI: This is now embedded inside BaseHead from the ‘Register’ panel also.