Having issues with BaseHead??

We are so sorry to hear about that, but bugs do happen unfortunately....8(

Make sure you have searched the User Manual to make sure you are using the the feature you are having problem with properly. If BaseHead is not launching then try first searching our Knowledge Base first. 
90% of problems can be fixes with a simple pref wipe or with the tips on FAQ pages for your platform with the below links.

Think you have a Codemeter or Licensing Issue? 
Click the below button to begin troubleshooting...

If you can't find your solution from the above links, then submit a support ticket below!

NOTE: Please Do NOT submit a bug report for version 3.x or even 4.x, unless it's not launching or a major showstopper.
We are only fixing bugs in version 5.x from now on.  Mac users ask to join the 5.x Beta if you want to play with it.

ALSO, version 1.x and 2.x are NOT supported at all anymore in any way shape or form! ...Sorry! 
It's 2018 after all FFS!!  hehe
So bust out the credit card and upgrade to the latest version to support all the hard we do for you guys..... ;-)

-Steve Tushar