Licensing Option #3: Local System Drive (Locking to your PC or Mac)
Here are instructions to lock to your local system drive and avoid using any dongles.

We bind to your local system drive using CodeMeter Runtime.
This is pre-installed with both PC and Mac installers now!


So first just download the License Request application.
License Request - PC Version
License Request - Mac Version  (OSX 10.6 or Higher)

Then run it and click the System Icon like on the picture to the right. Then choose your license you purchased and press 'Create' and follow the on screen steps to send us the License Request file needed to bind to your System.

Then hang tight and we will then send you back an activation file named ActivateLicense.WibuCmRaU
Simply drag and drop this file to the CodeMeter Control Center to activate the license you requested and you should see it appear in the CodeMeter Control Center License area if successful!!

You are now running Dongle-Free .....8)






Yes, we can move your license over to another system and kill off old ones in the future, but still make sure you are locking it to a system you plan on having for a while.  There is a license transfer fee of $25 to move systems "more than 2 times" due to the fact we get charged for every license we write!