New features in the December 2018 update.


Un-paralleled integration with Wwise.

Do not upgrade to macOS 10.14 unless using BaseHead 5.1 or higher!

Do not upgrade to macOS 10.14 unless using BaseHead 5.1 or higher!

the new right side CUE Marker Panel

If you haven’t seen yet, we posted new major PC and Mac versions on the main download pages the month or December.

Some of the main changes and features include

  • Audio Kinetic’s Wwise hardwired WAAPI integration added for your game audio cats.
    Check out the WAAPI Walk-Thru page to get you going with this sick new feature.

  • 10.14 Mojave support for macOS

  • Pro Tools: "Follow Session Folder" new and improved to work with sessions on a NAS or Nexis server.

  • Options Page: A 2nd Wave Editor added

  • Options Page: Weekly Database Backup option.

  • User Thesaurus: Can edit directly on the table now and many other UX improvements done.

  • “Sum to Mono” function now unlocked for Standard users also now and has it’s own key command now. (Shift+M)

  • Import/Export Text File and BurnIn Panels have separate logs now with other improvements done.

  • Results List Snapshots: now has 4 presets to store/recall Results List columns, order and width for people that switch between music and SFX work or anyone that need want to work with different layouts.

  • Browser Page: Filter Search Added

  • Browser Page: New Option “Retain Filter Search”

  • Browser Page: added function “Remove All Recent Places” and also possible to remove current one only.

  • PC users: in 5.1 (or higher) the licensing changed to match same in Mac 5.0 - non-CmStick user will need a new license to this update. (See Downloads page for more info)

  • ReWire: re-written completely and working 1000% better now in the PC version AND it’s coming to Mac now also in in one of the next builds posted.

  • New Marker Panel: added to right sidebar for editing and adding CUE Markers that are compatible with the likes of SoundForge and Wavelab. It’s in the PC version and coming in probably the next update for macOS.

  • Tons and tons of stability, tweaks and fixes as always along with UX improvements.

The online user manual will be updated later this week with with the above new features.
For a more details or to see what “might” be coming, click the button below.



GameSoundCon Next Week


I will be at Game Sound Con next week for both days showing new Wwise integration to anyone who wants to see it.
Hit me up if you are coming also and want to do a sit down!

This event is growing each year, so stop paying insane hotel prices for GDC and S.F. and make this your yearly stop instead.
This conference is 100% audio all the time!  Nothing else to water it down  ;-)

Cya there!
Steve Tushar



Mojave Important Info:


UPDATE on the Mojave situation:
We have a working BETA for 5.x users now.

See updated info here

Plus a version for 4.x users was posted on the FTP that can be found on the main Downloads Page.


Thinking about upgrading to macOS 10.14 Mojave?
See our Mojave Statement page for all the info regarding version 4.x and 5.x.

For people that hate to read, the quick answer is DON’T DO IT YET!
wait until the first 5.1 release before you do.



SoundBytes Mag Review of version 5.x

Sound Bytes.PNG

Still need more convincing to upgrade to version 5.x Ultra?

Vincenzo Bellanova just reviewed BaseHead 5.x for Sound Bytes Magazine.

Check it out! 8)



BaseHead 5.1 with Wwise 2018.1 WAAPI Integration!


Announcing Wwise 2018.1 WAAPI Integration!

This new integration between Wwise and BaseHead via WAAPI gives you the ability to send Wwise audio objects back and forth to BaseHead.
Most all parameters, regions, loop points, pitch settings and FX recall when sending objects between the programs allowing you to make changes and replace the object in your Wwise project with ease.

We added this integration into BaseHead version 5.1 (or higher) to assist audio programmers, mobile game developer and developers that need to quickly sketch out an idea with Wwise with existing assets in BaseHead.

For a detailed walk thru check out the WAAPI Walk-Thru Page to get you up and running quick

for our Japanese speaking users we have info here also in Japanese