This new version 4.x will comes in 3 flavors now...
Here are just some of the features on the way!

BaseHead Ultra (for the power users and cool people!) 
BaseHead (the standard edition)
BaseHead Lite (for people on a budget that still need to get work done)

  • The Ultra Edition will come with the whole kitchen sink of new features including....
  • Imports: Name import and sub divide your Database for easier re-scanning and removal of chunks of it.
  • Groups: allows you to group and colorize your favorite sounds while importing or after.
  • Libraries: Put your favorite sounds in virtual folders for quick access, pulling sounds and exporting!
  • Mass Batch Tagging for WAV and AIF Files of just about every field now that burns into NON-Encrypted iXML.
    IMPORTANT: We don't believe in locking people into our software, so we will NEVER Encrypt your tagging to force you to keep using BaseHead! NEVER! EVER! We believe in just making better software that you actually want to use! 8)
  • Thesaurus Searching that is user definable.
  • Auto-Complete that is also now user definable.
  • Transfer files with Pitch and VST plugins now!
  • 12 VST slots now with presets Store/Recall functions and Improved VST scanner
  • Individual Channel Extraction from Interleaved files
  • ReWire (32 bit)
  • New Import Window with options to create and name Imports and tag Imports into Groups with many other new Import options.
  • New Database management functions (Rename/Delete/Clear DB)
  • Dims records that have been played already for better visual feedback.
  • Nuendo/Cubase: Spot with Handles option
  • Nuendo/Cubase/Pro Tools: Can Spot multiple file Inline or on different tracks now
  • Sync Points can now be set inside files that transfer to Nuendo and Cubase
  • M/S Stereo Decoding
  • More Taglist, Browser and Rename Panel options and actions.
  • File renaming direct in the Details Panel for the Browser and Results.
  • plus a Sh*t Ton of Workflow and GUI improvements!! 8)

The Standard Edition is missing some of the Ultra features....

  • Libraries, Destructive Editing, Thesaurus Searching, ReWire
  • Individual Channel Extraction, Sync Point Setting
  • Mass Batch Tagging/Renaming, BaseHead Server Support which also removes User Permission locking, Transfer Options.

The Lite Edition (for the financially challenged folks...hahaha) will also exclude

  • Description Renaming, File Browser, Taglist Page
  • Target App Support (Spot to Track and Xfer to Pool)
  • Groups, Imports, Paths, Playlists, Favorite and Recent Searches, DBHotswap box
  • Drive Re-Mapping, Auto Complete, M/S Decoding, Skip Silence
  • Process Panel/VST, Playback Regions and the new Import Window

The Lite version is missing some features, but it's not Crippled by limited amount of databases, sample rates, surround playback or any of that non-sense..
It's 100% BaseHead to the Core!

a video showing the new features is on the BaseHead PC page now!
Grab the Demo and give it a try Today!

The PC version will be released December 1st officially and the Mac version in the Spring 2015