Let's Talk BaseHead Licensing and Authorizations....
This is kind of a big deal!
From now on if anyone asks...."Do you support XXXX for authorizations??"
The answer will mostly likely be HELL YES WE DO!

We now offer BaseHead with Licensing  options beyond any of our competition.
1. We will still offer CoderMeter CmSticks authorizations, cuz to be honest they are still the most flexible options and the floating network option just can't be beat still.
2. We will now offer Locking to USB flash drives also.
(Sure...use that same dongle you use for Waves auths)
3. We also offer Locking to iLok2's now! (Yes you are reading that correct...8))
4. You can also ditch the dongle completely and lock to your System drive also!

Check out all the new options in depth here...

FYI.....We tried to lock to eLicensers and HASP also but neither give us a unique serial number so those two are not possible otherwise we would have added that also to the list.

(Note: We started rolling this out for BaseHead 4.x this week and will start rolling out for other programs and the  Mac version early next month)