New BaseHead PC Version 4.2.06 posted with a Ton of Fixes and changes.
Grab in on the Download or do a "Check for Updates" from within BaseHead

1. New Feature: Drive ReMapping: Can now physically 'Commit' Drive Re-Mapping values to your database now.

2. Importing under 30 records doesn't show OK dialog now

3. Prevents renaming a 'Group' or 'Import' to the same name now cuz that will cuz issues later...8)

4. New combo search added to search drop downs [description+keywords]

5. Details Panel: no longer deletes rows with the DEL key.

6.  BEXT editing can no longer be turned off when editing the [decription] in the details panel

7. Fixed two Group/Import Renaming bugs.

8. Xfer Node Source working again and no longer showing "Media Offline"

9. Details Panel width recalls properly if hidden completely.

10. Sum to Mono bug fixed

11. Zoomed regions are retained after channel extraction again

12. After "T" and "C"  focus on the Results list is retained now. (Thanks Jez for pointing this out)

13. Can now toggle 'Groups' and 'Imports' to Show/Hidden now while importing without warning or error message.

14. PeekTree: Show/Hidden state stored/recalled correct again   Yay!

15. Fix added for R.M's Database with abnormal indexes values...8)

16. Dimms records after , T,C,X and S now

17. Focused search problem fixed when switching DB's

18. Drive Remappping working with Imports Rescan now.

19. ID3 Image adding improved and ID3 chunk writing

20. Fixed Xer node DnD that would break BH completely.

21. Removed a iXML error message that was annoying...8)

22.  when the PeekTreek is unpinned clicking the Library node closes it like it should.

23. "Build Waveforms for all Selected Records" Improvements

24. Recall BH window state correctly  if maximized on not the main display now!   Yay!

25. "Show folder contents" working again with the right click menu

26.  Cleans up BaseHead Server connections on quit now

27. Injecting improvements fixing NULL reference errors.

28. "Check for Updates" works from About Screen again

29. ESC Retriggers playback now since too many foreign keyboards don't have the orginal key command for this

30, if all loaded VST's are bypassed the tail writting is canceled.

31. Fixed iXML Description Writing bug

32.  Removed Annoying Auto Switching Paths Dialog