Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library with BaseHead:
150 Licenses Available at 60% Off for Freelancers until December 31st

This is for anyone looking to pick up so me new tasty sounds with a bundled custom version of BaseHead.  This new version of BaseHead will allow you to plug in the Hybrid Library drive and audition sounds immediately with no need for an install.  Just Launch it, Listen and Drag the files you want to your DAW without the need to import files and zero licensing hassle.

Our partner Pro Sound Effects® is making the new edition of their #1 reviewed general library, Hybrid Library 2017, available to freelancers for over 60% off until Dec. 31st! Designed to be your go-to source of creative fuel, Hybrid Library 2017 offers 63,000+ sound effects (345GB on 1TB drive) with rich metadata, full online access, free annual updates, and a one-year trial of BaseHead.

Only 150 licenses are available for $1495 (reg. $3995) through December 31st, and the application for Freelancer Pricing is free with no purchase commitment. Learn more and apply at

BaseHead users and future users can apply with Partner Priority Code BASEHEAD to secure access to the offer


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