Attention SFX Library Manufactures!
yeah I'm talking to you!
Check out the new upcoming 5.x Feature: CloudPacks

We are looking for SFX Library manufactures that want to contribute a CloudPack to be included on the upcoming 'Online' Page to showcase their SFX libraries to the world for the first release of version 5.x (around March for PC and May for Mac)  CloudPacks are a new upcoming feature that will allow HTTP/Cloud streaming of sound effects and music.

We have had this working in the 5.x PC beta for the past 4-6 months now and it's now ready for Prime Time!  Head over to CloudPack page to learn more about this upcoming new feature and how to contribute and be included in the initial release when the hammer drops!
There is also a video on that page to see it all it's glory.
The long term goal of this technology is to never ever have to carry a hard drive again and access your personal library and libraries you've purchased from anywhere with an internet connection.