Game Developers Conference:
once again I will be at GDC next week kissing hands and shaking babies.
More importantly I'll be teaching all the game geeks how to drink....haha

The yearly BaseHead Social will be 4-6pm on Thursday as always.  Free beer on BaseHead for 2 hours. Come mingle with other BH users. Send me an email if you want to attend the social or meet up at some other point during the conference.

Also, the main yearly 72 hour-ish sale will come those 3 days I am up in SF to help pay of all the dranking as always. 
It starts the minute I get to Burbank Airport on Tuesday and ends the minute I land back in Hell-A on Friday. 
What will be on sale you ask?  That all depends what I feel like on the way to the airport that day. 8)

Check this Blog on Tuesday or Wednesday for the details of the sale or just browse the store on Weds to see what is on sale prices.