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Victor and I are out at ChinaJoy in Shanghai taking meetings right now lowering property value....haha
So, if your around, send me a message to meet up for a drink or two or fourteen  ;-)
We are only here till the 6-7th so hit me up now if your around so we can meet up.

BaseHead Mac: 
The official release date for version 5.x Mac is August 1st (yesterday)
We have hundreds of users already using it with minimal bug reports and tickets open so it's time to release it to the masses.  Plus it gives me and Vic something to celebrate while in Shanghai since we only see each other every 2-3 year.   

Free and discounted license info to 5.x Mac:
If you bought a NEW 4.x license in the last 3 months then your get a free upgrade and if your bought a NEW 4.x license within the last 6 you are entitled to a 50% off upgrade.
So to clarify, the date on your order for your NEW 4.x license needs to be May1st to August 1st for a Free upgrade
and people Feb 1st to April 30th for 50% off.

if you fall into this window with a NEW 4.x license send us a License Request  and choose 'Replacement License' and enter in your order details there.
If you don't, just think of it this way....BaseHead makes a really great tax right off   ;-)
and nice thing about 5.x is you'll get 12 months of free updates now included!