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Thanks for the Order to keep the BaseHead Project Alive!

Your Order was just placed....So now what?
First off....If you need a  demo extension for BaseHead cuz your demo days are already at zero, then use this one.

All authorization info we need is now made thru the
License Request Application. (besides for Masher)        See to the Right >>>>>>>

License Request is now embedded inside BaseHead Mac 5.x and Injector (PC/Mac) by clicking the 'Register' button from the Start Screen and then 'Launch Now' on the Register Panel.



For BaseHead 5.x PCRehab or any older versions without it embedded, download it below instead.

DOWNLOAD License Request:  

After you've launched it, choose the authorization you purchased and press the 'Create' button to either email the files direct from the application to us or to download them locally so you can email them with your own email client.

macOS Users!
if you are having troubles running License Request, you probably need to set Gate Keeper to allow running apps from 'Anywhere'.
See THIS POST for how to fix that.

CmStick Users:
you guys will use just the right side of the application, while all the rest will just the left section.

Once we received your request files, we will send you an update file with final instructions to get you up and running... 8)

<<<-- While you are waiting, join the NewsLetter, so you don't miss out on any groovy updates.

Also, if the above does not match your order, you will get an email from us shortly with instructions for your special case.

-Steve Tushar

Things to Bookmark:
Support and Knowledge Base with FAQ
Online Manuals
 with plenty of Video to watch for you lazy folks that hate to read like me! 
If you find a bug. Start HERE always!