The New Version 5.x Subscription Model Explained:

For all previous versions of BaseHead you would pay for upgrades to Major version numbers 1.x to 2.x, 2.x to 3.x,  3.x to 4.x and if you bought a version within 4 month of the next version release then you would get the next version free.
This all all gonna change in version 5.x with multiple subscription models to choose from.
No longer will there be big monolithic major versions two or thee years apart and instead there will be more .1 upgrades every two months with new features and the major version numbers will represent database format and other format changes mainly.
The advantage of this is a constantly an evolving BasHead each month and as long as you maintenance subscription is active you can upgrade to get these features.

Choice #1: Standard Maintenance
Each new license or upgrade from 2.x - 4.x now comes with a 12 months maintenance of updates.
After the 12 months is up BaseHead will still function, but you won't be able to download any updates and be frozen in time as far as updates goes as far as updates go.

Choice #2: Auto-Renewing Maintenance
This maintence plan is cheaper then buying standard plan, but auto-renews yearly so you'll always have the latest version of BaseHead

Choice #3: Rental and Terminal
For people that like the lower price, but only need BaseHead for a set amount of time.  We will allow you to rent it and when the 12 months or how ever many months you purchase BaseHead will die until a new renewal is puchased.