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So you just got your License.key file now huh?   You're halfway home now  Whooo!  ;-)

First save off you .key file somewhere save (preferably in the cloud) cuz you'll need it in the future for every new system your work on.
Do NOT loose it!  ;-)


Next, Launch BaseHead or Injector and click the 'Register' button to show the Registration Panel again.




Then simply Drag and Drop your license .key file to the right side area that says
"Drop License .key file HERE!!"



You "should" get a success message after that and the label on the 'Register' button should change to 'Registered'. 
Done and Done!

USB DEVICE USERS: This license file is not being written physically to your iLok or USB Flash Drive and needs to be installed on each system you plan to use it with BaseHead after you run the Full Installer.

iLok USERS PLEASE READ: Your license will appear NOT appear in the iLok Manager since it’s bound via it’s serial number burnt into license file, so please don’t send us an email asking why you don’t see it there  ;-)
Read the  iLok FAQ if you need to know more how this all works.


What do I do when I move to a new system that I have never ran BaseHead on yet with my Flash Drive or iLok?

It's Simple! For Each new system...
1. Install the BaseHead version that matches your license you purchased.
2. Install your .key file as explained above.  ^^^   Done!

What does the Maintenance End Date for?
You get 12 months of free updates from the date of purchase. This is NOT when BH will stop working unless you have a Terminal Subscription. 
It's actually when you stop receiving the latest updates, so make sure you keep it 'Active' to get all the latest and tastiest new features, updates and bug fixes.  ;-)


Also, Make sure to join the News Letter, so you don't miss out on any groovy updates.

-Steve Tushar

Other Things to Bookmark:
Support and Knowledge Base with FAQ
Online Manuals
 with plenty of Video to watch for you lazy folks that hate to read like me! 
If you find a bug. Start HERE always!